For more than thirty years, ICON Science Fiction, Inc. has been fostering education and exploration in science and technology by harnessing America's fascination with science fiction and fantasy. Each year ICON has hosted a three day festival designed to encourage literacy, creativity and interest in science and technology through science fiction and its related genres called I-CON, short for "Island Convention."

Through individual and corporate donations, sponsorships, advertising sales and fundraising drives we have been able to provide quality programming to an audience from children and young adults to senior citizens since 1981. We have nothing but gratitude for all of those who have made these three decades possible, and those who have pledged to help us continue to grow this year and for years to come.

As ICON Science Fiction, Inc. heads into 2014, we're exploring new ways of expanding and evolving our offerings and the impact they can have on our audience of roughly seven thousand for not just that weekend, but the entire year. We are looking to expand into two separate weekend long events to double the accessibility of science fact, fiction and more to the local community, as well as other small educational workshops and events throughout the year.

By pledging your support you gain a place in the hearts and minds of our loyal fans, friends, and followers as you contribute to education in the sciences and the arts that grow from them. Since ICON Science Fiction, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization, your gift is tax deductible. There are no minimums and there is no contribution too small to be noticed and appreciated by our members.

The last generation of dreamers gave us things like personal computers, mobile phones, and electric cars. With your help, what will the next generation be able to do?

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